Welcome to Sundrop Solar. We are a Comprehensive Renewable Energy Company
We lead the renewable/energy efficiency industry with one simple concept, you. We know not every home or homeowner is the same. We take great strides to ensure your needs are met. See what residential PV solar could look like on your home. We’re a team of professionals with more than 10year experience, learn more about us.

Save Money

You don’t pay  for sunlight. The sun shows up to work everyday and everyday, works for free. Taking advantage of the sun’s labor puts money back into your pocket on day one.

Gain Independence

You have a choice on how you power your life. You don’t have to be a slave to your electric company. You can produce the power you pay hundreds of dollars for each month.

Invest In You

Just like upgrading your kitchen with new countertops, solar adds value to your home. This value is not just extended to the home, but also to the homeowner every month.

The Numbers Say it All.

As a homeowner you are guaranteed to pay an additional 4% – 9% on your electricity costs yearly. So, just think if you paid 250.00 in 2010 then you now pay around 344.56 now in 2016. What will it be next year?  What did you get for the additional money spent? Nothing.

Residential PV Solar doesn’t just save you money, it also adds value to your home.  Making your home more energy efficient will save you hundreds of dollar per year. Combining residential solar you can reduce your utility costs as much as 90%. Day that you produce more electricity than you need, your utility company pays you.  The cherry on top, it’s all clear energy, no harmful green house gasses. You don’t just help yourself you help your community, the environment, and the world. The perfect win-win.

  • You will pay an additional 4% – 9% yearly on your electricity bill with no extras features.
  • Put as much as 90% of your electricity bill back in your pocket. Your utility company can pay you
  • Paying your electricity bill every month may keep your lights, it doesn’t increase your home’s value. Residential solar and energy efficiency is an investment.
  • The perfect win-win save money, add home value, help your community and your environment.

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Kyocera is the leader in all renewable technologies and only partners with a select few and SolarEdge is the king of PV solar innovation. We are very proud of our A+ BB rating and all of our partnerships.

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