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2017 Solar Projections

2016 showed tremendous increases in the solar and renewables industry. So what is 2017 going to look like?

Greentech Media, or GTM, just came out with their 2017 calculations and it’s going to be another good year for solar if these projections pan out. In the US alone, it is projected that over 400 MW of community solar will be installed this year. For those that aren’t familiar with the term, community solar is like a solar plant, meaning it will be shared by more than one household.

400 MW sounds tremendous, but it changes to absolutely incredible when you look at last year’s number and see that it was 218. Community solar will almost double what it did last year. If these trends continue, we’re looking at a 500 MW production annually come 2019.

This type of growth is exactly what we need right now. With global temperatures rising and carbon emissions increasing as the population grows, solar and renewables are crucial for the fate of this planet. These sort of steps will be what gets to the sustainable living that we’ve been hearing about for the last few years now. The future is looking brighter every day.

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