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Clean Water For India

It’s so easy to do… Sometimes we take the little and most important things for granted, access to water being one of them.

In India, 6% of the population does not have access to clean water that is suitable for consumption. In case that doesn’t resonate with you, we’re talking about 77 million people. The University of Endinburgh was on top of a solution and developed a simple, solar-powered water purification system that decontaminates water, making it safe to drink.

How this system works is actually pretty cool. It beings with removing all visible waste, think of trash and bigger particles, and then uses the heat from the sun, which powers up the machine and allows it to get rid of all the harmful contaminants. The process is relatively quick and doesn’t cost much money, a win-win situation.

This product is still fairly new, but the University has partnered up with India with the goal of developing the product even further so that it is able to be used on a much larger spectrum.

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