Solar Attic Fans

Save your appliances from overworking

Your attic is either too hot or too cold. The difference in temperature between your attic and your living space means either your heater or your A/C is overworking and costing you money.


Solar fans is the simplest and least expensive way to lowering your attic temperature with solar energy. Solar attic fans harnesses the sun to reduce the stress on your A/C or heater it also protects and extends your roof life span.
  • Saves money

    Stop appliances from overworking

  • Compact

    Not much bigger than whirlybird vents

  • Energy Efficient

    Uses free sun energy to save you energy

  • Circulation

    Improves home circulation

  • Powerful

    Delivers maximum power up to 1,900 cfms

  • Any Roof

    Multiple units for any roof type

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