Solar Water Heater

Harnessing the Sun to Heat your Homes Water

Solar water heating devices have been around for over 100 years, yet in the last 20 years they have seen major advances. These advances have made heating your homes water 50% more efficient. Solar water heating is the most effective way of cutting down your household’s utility expense and its carbon footprint.
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Heating water is very expensive as it requires a huge amount of energy. It is believed that 18% of domestic energy is used to heat water. In most homes and businesses this energy is generated from fossil fuels – gas and oil. Most modern domestic boilers will run on gas and heat water on demand. But many people still heat their water using electricity which is the most expensive way to heat water.
  • 24/7 365

    Works everyday regardless of temperature

  • Maintenance

    Like standard water heaters, maintenance is low

  • Save Money

    Reduce your monthly utilities

  • Long Lifetime

    Life sans is longer than standard gas or electric

  • Efficiency

    80% radiation is turned into heat energy

  • Environment

    Reduces your homes carbon footprint.

Days KWH Usage For Standard Water Heaters

  • Standard Electric 50 Gal. Tank Heater
  • Tankless Electric
  • Integral Collector Storage + 50 Gal Electric Tank
  • Heat-Pump Water Heater
  • Flat-Plate Solar With 80 Gal. Tank & Diff Control Pump
  • Flat-Plate Solar With 80 Gal tank & PV Pump

Let us show you what will work best for your home.