Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Is your pool running?

Your refrigerator is energy efficient because it runs all day long, but so often the pool pump is overlooked. Updating your pool pump to a variable pool pump can reduce your energy cost as much as 90%. It’s a no brain-er!
Sundrop Solar Residential PV Solar


Most two pump system run at low 24/7 and high when vacuuming and running the heater. Imagine if you drove around in car with two speeds. A variable speed pool pump would be a 3050+ speed car. Accurately the motor is similar to the ones used in electric automobiles. Further giving the owner the ability to set it for their needs.
  • Quieter

    Quieter operating noise

  • Runs cooler

    Efficiency you can feel

  • Digitally Controlled

    Precision Adjustments

  • Vibrates less

    Doesn’t massage the ground

  • Lasts longer

    An investment that lasts

  • Saves Money

    Put money back in your pocket

Looking at the savings it's a ``no brainer``

Sundrop Solar Residential PV Solar

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