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A Full Day on Solar Energy | The Tamarugal Project

Tamarugal project expected to theoretically generate 2,600 GWh of electricity annually. These three plants can generate electricity 24 hours a day seven days a week 100% renewable.

Think back to your childhood and whether or not you thought solar would have grown to the point that it has this quickly. Think back to five years ago and how fast you thought solar would develop. Think about what it would be like to have a solar thermal plant generating electricity 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’ve got another one in the making.

The Chilean government waved the green flag to begin production on a solar thermal plant that will consist of three 150 megawatt solar thermal towers. If this sort of thing sounds familiar, you may be thinking back to Solar Power From the Ground Up and this is pretty similar.

With how hot the inside of these towers will get, they will each be able to produce around 4500 MWh of solar-electricity every 24 hours. In theory, that equates to about 2600 GWh of electricity per year. In case you were wondering just how much that is, 1 GWh can power up to 750,000 homes. This project is huge.

Now, as we Arizonans know, this idea isn’t really new. The Solana solar plant does something very similar and Vegas has one in the works as well. However, any advancement in solar is one to take note of. These are the changes that are going to help shape our new sustainable and green planet that we are working toward.

Upon completion, this project is looking at a 30-year life span. By the time its replacement approaches, there is no telling just how far along solar power will have come. The future just got a little bit brighter.

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