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Huang Ming is Scheduled to Speak at AREDAY (American Renewable Energy Day)

Is This Guy The Most Influential Solar Leader You Don’t Know? And Why Is He in Aspen Next Month?
AREDAY (American Renewable Energy Day)

The United States and China might be unlikely bedfellows when it comes to climate change, but breaking down those geopolitical boundaries is what AREDAY (American Renewable Energy Day) is all about. This June 19–24, leaders in renewable energy from around the world will converge in Aspen/Snowmass for the 13th annual event, with general admission passes still available. The buzz this year surrounds a person some have called the world’s most genius solar leader, Huang Ming, CEO of China’s Himin Solar.

With 623 patents to his name and more global awards than you can count on both hands, Ming is responsible for the development of China’s Solar Valley, the world’s largest urban renewable energy zone. Encompassing over 3,000,000 square meters and valued at $9 billion, Solar Valley has multiple renewable energy manufacturing and R&D centers, the world’s first all-solar-powered hotel, and Sun-Moon Mansion, the globe’s largest all-solar-powered building. Under Ming’s leadership, Himin Solar boasts an annual production capacity of 3 million water heaters, 20 million evacuated tubes, and 500 MW of photovoltaic products.

Generating dialogue between two of the world’s superpowers is one of the focuses of this year’s summit. With a theme of From Paris to The Polls: Implementing Low Carbon Economies, the Summit will facilitate the conversation regarding the necessary action for China and the US to take the lead. “The US and China together represent about half the CO2 production in the world and the two countries comprise about half the world’s economy,” Chip Comins, AREDAY founder, says. “It’s pretty important that the US and China get together on this in terms of a solution.” Therefore, creating a “Green Bridge” with China is smart business for the US and the world.

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