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Las Vegas Government Checks-in to '100% Renewable Energy'

The Entertainment Capital of the world now has their government running on 100% carbon-free electricity. Winning big isn’t just for the people traveling there anymore.

On December 12, 2016, the Las Vegas government was able to purchase enough renewable energy to power their 140 buildings. The power is coming from a combination of solar panels and hydroelectric turbines, the Hoover Dam included. The government’s push to go forward with renewable energies regardless of federal support has encouraged big corporations in the area to do the same. The MGM Resorts, Las Vegas Sand Corps, and Wynn Las Vegas are all taking steps to become 100% renewable as well, starting with installing rows of solar panels on their roofs.

“The cost of prevention pales in comparison to cost of inaction, in terms of dollars, property, and human life.” – (Las Vegas’s City Government is Now Powered By 100% Renewable Energy)

The Vegas government was not the first to go 100% renewable. Back in 2014, Burlington, Vermont became the first city to switch all of its energies to renewables. By running on clean energy, the city hasn’t seen a utility price raise in almost a decade. In addition to Burlington, Aspen, Colorado added their name to 100% renewable energies list back in 2015. Many other cities across the nation are looking to do the same thing. Who do you think will be the next one to add their name to the 100% renewables list?

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