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New Solar Plant in New Orleans

These 4200 panels are to are set to produce 1 megawatts of energy. These panels angle towards the sun tracking the sun’s path throughout the day. Entergy’s goal is to test out the viability of solar energy.

Entergy created a one megawatt solar plant in New Orleans East. New Orleans east is a small suburbs of New Orleans near the Super-dome where the saints play. This solar array is small as utility-scale Solar goes but it is a step in the right direction. This solar array is store energy during the day and delivers the energy back to the grid as the sun goes down.

Nola wrote: The new, one megawatt Entergy solar plant in New Orleans East is small as far as utility-scale solar goes. Still, the rows of sleek, shining panels are an impressive sight as vehicles turn onto a factory-lined stretch of Jourdan Road along the Industrial Canal.

The panels — roughly 4,200 total — angled toward a clear burning sun Wednesday morning (Sept. 14), each installation standing several meters high. A breeze pushed off the canal. Traffic clacked in the distance over the Chef Menteur Highway canal bridge. Standing between the rows, you start to understand why “solar farm” is a fitting term for these types of projects.

Seth Cureington, director of resource planning and market operations for Entergy New Orleans, stood on a platform, overlooking the panels through dark sunglasses. The plant — the city’s first ever foray into solar power — started feeding electricity into the grid in June, he said.

Entergy’s goal is to test the viability of using sunlight to power local homes and businesses. This pilot project has the capacity to produce up to one megawatt of electricity, or enough to power roughly 160 homes.

Cureington said electricity generated by the plant will vary depending on the weather and other factors, but crews have been impressed with how consistently it has been able to generate power in these first few months despite summer rainfall and storms.

“This is a first for us,” Cureington said. “We’re trying to learn as we go.” …

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