Residential Solar


Believe it or not; you do have choice

Let’s face it, we all look to get the best price or value from any product we purchase, your electricity is no different.  You selected the best rate plan for your needs that saves you the most money.  With utility rates increase of 4% -9% annually, no matter which rate plan you choose your costs will continue to rise. When you initially set up your utility service account, your listing sheet told you who provides your electricity. You wouldn’t think you have any other options, but you do.


Solar offers homeowners another choice.

2012 $200.00
2013 $218.00
2014 $237.62
2015 $259.01
2016 $282.32

Residential Solar is Simple and Clean

Residential Solar also looks cool too. It’s a quick install process. It only takes a day or two before you are ready to bath in the rays of savings.


Solar will stabilize or reduce your energy costs by replacing the electricity you now buy from your local utility company with lower cost power option.

``Lock-in`` Rate

Once your solar panels are installed you have “locked-in” the utility rate. You will be paying for your currently and for future electricity bills.


Solar gives customers an annual return on investment that increases every year as electricity rates rise. Solar homes have an increased property value and marketability.


Solar is clean/renewable energy that produces electricity with no emissions, no greenhouse gases, no pollution, and no waste production.


You’re generating your own electricity and used it at the location where it’s being produced. Reducing your reliance on your utility company.


There is an endless supply of sunlight as a fuel source. It will wake up every morning and work for you, your family and your lifestyle for free.


You already know how great solar is, let your friends share in the joy