How Does It All Work

No one home or homeowners needs are like another. We will evaluate your home and your electricity usage. We will first reduce your electricity bill with energy efficiency products and reduce the remainder with solar panels.

Get Ready To Bathe In The Rays Of Saving

  • Phase 1: Site Evaluation

    We will come out to your home and review your possibilities. Our energy consultants will sit down with you and determine where you can save. They will Recommend a customized plan for your home.

  • Phase 2: Approval

    It’s your decision. Whatever you feel is appropriate for you, your family and your home. Your input in paramount.

  • Phase 3: Pre-Project Planning

    Our engineers draft the project plans, complete with installation, timeline and design. We handle all equipment orders, logistics, we also secure all necessary permits and work with your local utility to schedule “switch over”.

  • Phase 4: Project Execution

    Upon the receipt of permits, our experienced crew will install your customized system. One of our members will contact you to schedule a day and time that works best for you. Our installers are able to execute and install your project in one or two days

  • Phase 5: Switch Over

    We work closely with your utility company to schedule an the city/county inspection and the utility inspection to close out the permits. Once your utility grants their approval and you will receive “permission to operate”

Let us show you what will work best for your home.