Project Details

The Cooks project was one of our favorites Mrs. and Mr Cook added solar to their previous home in California. Their new home was a two story home in Casa Grand, they’ve just recent purchased. They wanted to find a reputable solar company to install solar on their new home.

We estimate their average electricity bill and even added in the addition of a pool which was set to be installed shortly. They were going to pay approx. $250.00 on average, they currently pay $125.00 on average a savings of over $100.00 with their new pool.

Our experience with Sundrop solar has been outstanding… We do recommend that homeowners who live in an area with a lot of pigeon…install barriers to exclude pigeon/dove nests… Overall, we recommend Sundrop Solar as a solar panel installer. We Shopped around and decided that Sundrop offered the best prices and the best service.