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Sacramento Kings Golden 1 Center Stadium Goes Solar

The Sacramento Kings New Golden 1 Arena will be the most efficient stadium ever. running nearly 100% of it electricity from solar.

As the NBA season comes to a close one team’s new stadium is will be number one very  different category.

The Sacramento Kings new Golden 1 Center will be the most energy efficient stadium in the United States. This Arena will have a capacity of 19,000 and every year will be reducing CO2 emissions by 2000 metic tons a year.

One official says “[it’s] equal to taking about 400 cars off the road”

85% of the 11-mega-wats of power will come from a solar farm, just out side of the city of Sacramento about 20 miles way. The other 15% of the power will come from rooftop solar. The arena will use about the same amount of electricity of 4000 homes.

Jim Woodruff said “This is really a win-win-win for the sustainability goals of the Kings, we’re able to serve SMUD, and enable to help them with their customers’ needs,”

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