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Save Money and Be Greener This Holiday Season

The holidays are all about spending time with family. Here are some tips to help you be “greener” this holiday season:

By: Payton Bulatovich


1.) Limit the amount of time you leave your holiday lights on

If you aren’t coming home from your work day until after six o’clock, there’s no reason to have your lights on. You won’t see them anyway. Set timers for your lights to come on just before you come home instead!


sundrop-greener-holiday-22.) Turn other room lights off when the Christmas tree is on

Why put lights on a Christmas tree if the dining room light is going to drown them out anyway? Turn the other lights off and enjoy the masterpiece you put up. It’ll provide all of the light you need.


3.) Use Candles for Extra Light

If you’re house is already festive, make it more festive with holiday-scented candles. They’ll have your home smelling like sugar cookies or pine trees and provide a little extra light without using extra electricity.


4.) More Bodies = More Heat

When you do have family over for the holidays, try turning the air down. The more bodies you have in your home the warmer it is going to be. You won’t notice a difference, especially when those dinner conversations start to get heated.


sundrop-greener-holiday-75.) Prep for Dinner Smarter

Cook multiple things that call for the same temperature in the oven at a time. It’ll lower the amount of time that oven is running. While you’re at it, keep the lids on pots. You’d be surprised how much heat they actually emit.


6.) Dishes Aren’t Fun, but…

Dishes aren’t fun, but instead of using disposable plates, utensils, and cups, opt for something that is reusable. When you go to wash them, instead of having a steady stream of water flowing, fill the sink up and go from there. You’ll only decrease wasted water by 1/3. If you don’t want pruned fingers, make sure you have a fully loaded dishwasher. It’s the little things.


sundrop-greener-holiday-67.) Shop Smarter

Holiday shopping is fun, plastic isn’t. Take your own reusable bags with you while you shop or use the least amount of bags possible. Make sure you recycle them when you’re done!8.) Don’t Throw That Extra Food Away

If you aren’t one for leftovers or have already taken your fair share, don’t throw away what is left from that. We waste a lot of food during the holidays and there are people out there who don’t get a holiday meal. Take your family and your leftovers out and make someone else’s night. No wasted food, no wasted money, and you’re spreading the holiday cheer.


9.) Cut Back on Your Light Show

We aren’t competing with Danny DeVito in Deck the Halls. Cut back on the amount of lights you use and cut down your electricity bill at the same time.


10.) “But I like lights!”

Okay, okay, we do, too. Try LED bulbs for a more efficient way of lighting up your home. They last longer, don’t pull as much power, and have you seen those vibrant colors? Santa would be jealous.


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