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Solar Outshines Gas and Coal in Jobs

Ken Bone brought renewable and fossil fuel jobs to the forefront during the presidential debate. New report shows renewable jobs with 25% growth.

According to a recent energy report, solar employment increased by 25% last year. That’s about 374,000 workers. Fossil fuels, on the other hands, came in at less than half of that: 136,000. This all has to do with people like you.

An increase in jobs doesn’t just happen. The demand for solar has been increasing tremendously and higher demand means more jobs. We’re only a few weeks into the new year and we’re already looking at a projection of a 7% increase over last year, or over 400,000 jobs.

Sustainable and renewable energies aren’t just trends. There is a reason why there is a bright outlook on jobs for incoming and current college students getting an education in that field. This is the future and we’re taking steps toward fixing our planet while creating jobs at the same time. It’s a situation where no one loses.

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