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Solar Power From the Ground Up

We’ve been seeing some pretty cool ways to implement solar in the last few months. France built a solar road and now Israel is making an effort to step up their game.

NOW Israel is making an effort to step up their game in renewables by implementing a solar tower. The project isn’t set to be done until next year, but when it is complete it is projected to put out 310 megawatts of power. That has them looking at enough output to power 130,000 homes.

“Solar towers use a method differing from the more common photovoltaic solar panels, which convert sunlight directly into electricity. Instead, towers use a solar-thermal method: Thousands of mirrors focus the sun’s rays onto the tower, heating a boiler that creates steam to spin a turbine and generate electricity.” – (Israel Harnessing Sunshine With World’s Tallest Solar Tower.

The amount of energy that Israel gets from renewable currently sits around 2.5%. They’re working toward their promise to lower CO2 emissions and this 820 foot tower is a huge step and currently the largest solar tower out there.

Israel has been involved in the development of some of our most innovative solar equipment (solar water heaters, PV cells, Organic Rankine cycle turbine) and it’s only a matter of time before they become a big player in the solar energy game. They see a plethora of sunshine throughout the day, kind of like us here in AZ, so you can only imagine how renewables and solar can flourish there

“With all the sun that we have and how progressed we are in technology, these goals are very, very, very modest,” Szilas said. “But these are the goals that were set, and we are working toward it.” – (Israel Harnessing Sunshine With World’s Tallest Solar Tower)

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