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The Spread of Renewables| From Countries to States to Universities

We’ve seen different countries around the world taking steps to being more renewable. If we want this trend to continue going forward, the education is where we should focus.

With any topic, education is important. You can’t actively participate in a sports conversation if you don’t the difference between a field goal and free throw. You can’t figure out diffusion rates across cell membranes without knowing permeability. The same thing goes with solar and renewable energies. We can’t continue to make progress in the future if the future isn’t educated about the benefits, threats if action isn’t taken, and overall application of renewable energies.

That is why we are thrilled to see that Delaware State University has opened a renewable energy center! This opening took place on Monday and with it comes the goal of having the campus run by 25% renewables by 2025.

“The establishment of a Renewable Energy Education Center here on campus not only expands the University’s academic possibilities but also makes DSU an energy education resource and therefore a greater asset to the state of Delaware and beyond.” – DSU’s president, Harry L. Williams

We have seen the effects of what an educational system can do for its surrounding community as well as the campus itself. We have a prime example here in state with ASU’s School of Sustainability being the first school in the US to be dedicated to exploring the principles of sustainability. These additions also open up opportunities for student degree options as well as career paths because a peek into the future shows that the job outlook for sustainability and renewables is a bright one.

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