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Super Savings During the Superbowl

It’s arguable the biggest game of the year. Don’t let the excitement hurt your pocket.

It’s that time of year, Superbowl Sunday. Whether you’re rooting for the Falcons or the Patriots, there is one thing we all want – to save money while we host the parties because they tend to get pricey. We’ve got you covered on the energy efficiency side of the things.

1.) BBQ

The high this weekend in 80 degrees for our folks living in Arizona. Perfect weather for a little backyard cookout! Grill some burgers (meat or veggie!) and some hot dogs. Not only are you going to get that traditional tailgate food vibe, but you’re also not going to heat up the inside of your house. Your A/C isn’t going to have to kick into overdrive to accommodate for the meals you’re making.

2.) Microwave and the Slow-cooker 

Maybe you don’t have a grill or maybe you need to heat something up. A microwave isn’t the best option for a glamorous meal, but it’s going to save you some money if you use it instead of the stovetop to heat up your food.

Slow cookers are another great, energy efficient option! You can even make some really good wings in them and we’ve gone ahead and found a recipe for you. http://allrecipes.com/recipe/230993/awesome-slow-cooker-buffalo-wings/

3.) Plating

We know you don’t want to do dishes for a house full of 40 people. Rather than grabbing regular plastic plates, silverware, and cups, try grabbing reusable ones! We used them last year and still have a few that are going strong. Go even more “green” and get the recycle paper options for all of these instead.

4.) Fans

Ditch the A/C on Sunday. With that many bodies, tempers flaring when your team is down, and all the excitement is going to have your place heating up. Your A/C is going to be running nonstop and your bill is going to jump (especially because this will happen during “peak hours.” A great alternative is to turn the fan on and get a portable fan to setup in the viewing room. They’re more energy efficient and will keep the space cool.

5.) Recycle Party!

Have a designated bin for recycling all of your cans, cups, plating, and empty bags. You can Hail Mary that Coke can into the bin from your spot on the couch and score a solid 6 points for the planet. Don’t let yourself get lenient on recycling just for convenience. We may be divided with who we we’re rooting for in the game, but we’re all on Earth’s team.

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