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These 9 Battery Companies Will Help You Save Tons of Money on Your Energy Bill

Today, the third annual Sustainable Energy in America Factbook was released and numbers showed that from 2007-2014, the US invested a total of $386 billion in clean energy!

Business Insider Wrote:

Your monthly energy bills can get quite expensive, especially during the summer. You need lots of energy to stay cool and power your electronics, but buying your energy from an outside company isn’t always the most efficient or cost-effective.

That’s where at-home batteries come in.

Combined with advancements in solar technology, these large batteries have the potential to provide a whole new way to store and control the energy used in your home.

It’s for that reason that an increasing number of companies are working on at-home batteries to change the modern home into a sustainable vision for the future.

Here’s 9 at-home battery makers on the market today.

We would be remiss to make a list of at-home battery makers and not include Tesla toward the top. The $3,000 Powerwall can store solar energy and provide backup power for your home.

At roughly 200 pounds, Tesla’s lithium-ion battery can connect to the internet to create “smart microgrids” that could potentially power a home off the grid entirely.

The Powerwall supplies 6.4 kWh of power. To help put that into perspective, the average person in the US uses about 30 kWh of power a day.

Tesla says on its website that the 6.4 kWh battery is sufficient to power most homes during the evening using the solar energy captured during the day. However, multiple batteries can be installed in homes that need more energy.

Start-up Orison is an at-home battery system that comes in form of a plug-in unit that looks like a lamp and a flat wall panel that weighs just under 40 pounds.

The $1,600 unit holds significantly less power than the Tesla Powerwall (2.2 kWh versus 6.4 kWh). However, the main perk to Orison is you don’t need a trained electrician to install it.

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