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Work Hard. Have Fun. Make History. | Amazon Goes Solar

“Work hard. Play Hard. Make History.” Doesn’t mean the samething for every company. For Amazon it means making their offices run on renewable energy.

The online powerhouse. Everyone knows Amazon (and who doesn’t love that free shipping with Prime, amirite?). Well, this company is stepping up the game and plans to have 15 of its fulfillment centers running on solar power by the end of this year. *high five* Long term goal? 50 fulfillment centers running on solar by 2020 – that’s just three years away in case any of you are still thinking it’s 2007 like us.

This is huge. Not only because it’s incredible to see such a dominating company making the switch to solar, but now you get to feel better about your online shopping as well. Now when you buy your last minute Christmas gift or are trying to find a way to hide your comic addiction it’s going to be coming from a solar powered facility! So keep on ordering those pop figures, Jim, your girlfriend will never know.

Change can happen from any level, but when you see it from something as influential as Amazon it’s going to trickle down so much further than just their company. Their slogan is perfect for this scenario. Work hard. Have fun. Make history. History is definitely something their making. Hats off to you, Amazon.

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